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Cabinet said to be that of the « Duchesse de Fontanges »

Pierre Gole
1620 - 1685

Around 1680, ebony and Brazilian rosewood, brass and pewter marquetery, 186 x 114 x 60 cm

This cabinet was bought by Edouard André in Italy, so it was perfectly natural for it to be attributed to the cabinetmakers of the peninsula. This attribution was confirmed by an inscription, a stamp bearing the name of an Italian. It took almost a century for the story and cabinetmaker behind this article to be discovered, when researchers studied the archives of the Royal Furniture. It then came to light that the cabinet had been ordered by Louis XIV for one of his mistresses, Mademoiselle de Fontanges. Its decoration represents the love affair between Hercules and Omphale, symbolising that of the king. As for its creator, Pierre Gole, he was the predecessor of André-Charles Boulle and the inventor of metal marquetry which spreads over the desk panels.

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