Thanks to our patrons

The Jacquemart-André Museum would like to use this page to thank all the patrons who have contributed towards the creation of extraordinary projects and the enhancement of the works of the museum.

Our patrons in 2012


Patron of the exhibition « The Twilight of the Pharaohs. Masterpieces from the last egyptian dynasties »


   Patronage enabled Edouard André's Antichambre to be restored.

Skilled sponsorship for the air treatment system in the exhibition rooms.



Our patrons from 1996 to 2011


Axa Art
Crédit du Nord
Generali Assurances
J.P Morgan
Vacheron Constantin

Restoration of a work of art

Atelier Phelippeau
Ateliers Brugier
Centre de recherche et de restauration des musées de France
La Française des Jeux
Galerie Kraemer & Cie
Galerie Segoura
Galerie Chevalier
Galerie Didier Aaron
Galerie Etienne Levy
Galerie Yves Mikaeloff
Maison Tassinari et Chatel
Manufacture Prelle
Monsieur Jean-Pierre Barreau
Monsieur José Boudon
Monsieur Jean Bourdette
Monsieur Alain Cartier
Monsieur Jacques Goujon
Monsieur François-Joseph Graf
Monsieur Bill G.B. Pallot
Monsieur François Pinault
Monsieur Jeffrey A. Rosen