Our priority: our health

Following government announcements, access to the museum, the café and the bookshop requires the presentation of a green pass.    

The latter implies :
A vaccination certificate attesting to a complete vaccination cycle and the time needed after the last injection;
- A certificate of PCR or antigenic test less than 72 hours old (self-tests are not valid);
- A certificate of recovery (positive test of + 11 days and - 6 months).⁣

The health pass is accepted in digital or paper format. 
For children aged 12 to 17, presentation of the green pass will only apply from 30 September.

Wearing a mask remains compulsory in the museum.

We thank you for your understanding,
The Jacquemart-André Team

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Our reception spaces

The grand salon

The grand salon is the reception room par excellence: it was here that Édouard André entertained his guests. The Salon differs from the other rooms because of its semi-circular design, which attests to the eighteenth-century predilection for curves over straight lines. The room’s decor combines—in a subtle and sophisticated manner—elements from the eighteenth century with elements created by craftsmen when the mansion was built. Together, they create a very harmonious ensemble, typical of the decorative art being introduced at the time, in which furniture, antique objects, and imitations of style were combined.

This circular salon, with its magnificent panelling, will add a unique charm to your cocktail parties or dinners.

Practical info
  • 114 m2
  • 150 pax
  • 90 pax
The music room

The music room, with its walls hung in red and its dark wood furniture, is typical of the Second Empire style. During evening receptions, musicians would perform in the upper gallery, filling the room with their melodies. The painting on the ceiling bears the hallmarks of one of the most sought-after painter-decorators of the period, Pierre-Victor Galland, and represents Apollo, protector of the arts.

The music room’s high ceilings give it a majestic character, making it an ideal place for your corporate events or product launches.

Practical info
  • 103 m2
  • 150 pax
  • 90 pax
  • 120 pax
The dining room

The size of this room and the quality of its decor are a reflection of its importance in the everyday life of the mansion. On the walls, five hanging tapestries of Achilles woven in Brussels in the eighteenth century illustrate the adventures of the hero of the Trojan War. The most remarkable element is the fresco on the ceiling: the work of Giambattista Tiepolo, it originates from the Villa Contarini in Mira, as does the fresco on the staircase.

The dining room has a delightful terrace overlooking the museum’s inner courtyard, enabling your guests to enjoy pleasant summer evenings outdoors.

Practical info
  • 105 m2
  • 150 pax
  • 80 pax

The event department is at your disposal to help you choose between the different options available and support you in organising your events according to your requirements. Each service includes visiting part of the mansion’s ground floor: the Picture Gallery, the private apartments, the Study, the Boudoir, the Winter Garden, the Smoking Room...
You can also offer your guests a private viewing of the current temporary exhibition and the first floor with its Italian Renaissance collections.

Cocktails & dinners

For your cocktail parties and dinners, we have three rooms available which can be laid out according to your wishes and adapted to the requirements of your event. The interior courtyard can also be hired for private events. The service includes the hire of the room(s) from 7 p.m. The caterer, lighting and sound system are optional and must be chosen from a list of accredited suppliers.

Private visit

While the museum is closed to the public, offer your guests a private tour of the museum’s remarkable collections and temporary exhibitions.
Two options are available:


Offer your guests a private breakfast in the tea room, one of the loveliest dining rooms in Paris.
Capacity: up to 80 people.
Service details: continental breakfast with miniature viennese pastries, tea, coffee and fruit juice.
Days and times available for private hire:
- Breakfast + tour of the permanent exhibition: Monday to Friday, from 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.
- Breakfast + tour of the temporary exhibition: Tuesdays only, form 8.30 a.m. to 10.30 a.m.
Tour guides can be provided in addition (recommended service).

Glass of champagne

In the beautiful surroundings of the music room, you can offer your guests a glass of champagne as an apéritif.
Capacity: up to 80 people.
Service details: the service covers a minimum of a private tour of the museum and a glass of champagne with salted feuilletés for your guests. Tour guides can be provided in addition (recommended service).
Times available for private hire: from 6.30 pm to 8 pm.
Special terms and conditions: reservations must be made one month in advance.

Caterers (selected from this list)

Tel.: +33 1 55 66 23 41 
Mobile: +33 6 60 33 15 08 
Email: x.pedurand@groupe-butard.com


Tel.: +33 1 42 99 90 09 
Mobile: +33 6 88 06 34 80 
Email: bozena.bielinska@dalloyau.fr


Tel.: +33 1 80 04 92 56
Mobile: +33 6 20 29 24 39
Email: asalentin@fauchon.fr


Mrs Sophie DEFOE
Tel.: +33 1 41 66 32 57
Email: s.defoe@fleurdemets.com


M. Eric Gaudin
Tel.: +33 1 48 11 05 20
Mobile: +33 6 74 41 49 26
Email: egaudin@kaspia-receptions.com


Tel: +33 1 30 81 47 36
Mobile: +33 6 09 75 80 01
Email: cecile.yastchenkoff@lenotre.fr


Mrs Mathilde SADELER
Tel.: +33 1 53 23 15 42
Email: projets.ms@poteletchabot.fr


Tél.: +33 1 47 85 47 10
Email: c.heritier@rayniermarchetti.fr


Mrs Capucine CLERC 
Tel.: +33 1 55 39 30 36
Mobile: +33 6 60 36 93 60
Email: capucine.clerc@saintclair.com


Lighting, public address system and video transmission

M. Matthieu TOURNIER
Tel.: +33 1 46 05 22 22
Email: contact@azdiffusion.fr

Photos et videos

125 rue Michel-Ange
75016 Paris
Tel.: +33 6 07 08 59 77
Email: agence@sofiacome.fr  


Mrs Anne Vitchen
159, rue de Rome
75017 Paris
Tel.: +33 1 56 59 90 54 
Email: contact@jardindematisse.com