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the master of danish painting

In the spring of 2019, the Musée Jacquemart-André and Culturespaces will hold an exhibition devoted to the great master of Danish painting, Vilhelm Hammershøi (1864–1916).
For the first time in twenty years, the painter’s mysterious and poetic works will be exhibited in Paris.

A retrospective of the master of danish painting

Initially exhibited in Paris at the Petit Palais in 1987 and subsequently in the Musée d’Orsay in 1997, visitors were fascinated by Hammershøi’s paintings representing empty and subtly rendered interiors that sometimes feature a woman whose back faces the viewer, painted in grey and white tones.

The exhibited paintings will represent Hammershøi’s entire oeuvre and its mysterious and profound atmosphere. A withdrawn and quiet individual, Hammershøi spent all of his life in a small circle of family and friends, all of whom constantly featured in his paintings: his mother, sister, brother, and brother-in-law all posed for him, as did several close friends. He also painted his wife, Ida, who is often seen from the back in many of the works that have made him famous.

You will also discover Hammershøi’s links with France, his two stays in Paris, and his participation in the Exposition Universelle in Paris (1889 and 1900).

Hammershøi's artistic circle

The Musée Jacquemart-André will display Hammershøi’s art from a fresh perspective by illustrating his links with the artists in his circle. For the first time, this retrospective will compare Hammershøi’s works with paintings executed by his brother Svend Hammershøi, his brother-in-law Peter Ilsted, and his friend Carl Holsøe. This comparative approach will highlight their affinities, differences, and the unique genius of Vilhelm Hammershøi, the artist of solitude, silence, and light.

Exceptional loans

Forty works will reveal the mysterious and poetic world of the artist. Previously unseen works from the Ambassador John L. Loeb Jr. Danish Art Collection, which are rarely exhibited during the major international retrospectives devoted to Hammershøi’s oeuvre, will be displayed for the first time in France.

The exhibition will also include loaned works from major Danish and Swedish museums, such as the Statens Museum for Kunst and the Hirschprungske Samling in Copenhagen, the Nationalmuseum and the Thielska Galleriet in Stockholm, and the Malmö Konstmuseum, as well as the Musée d'Orsay and London’s Tate Gallery, and from private collections. Major works will illustrate every aspect of Hammershøi’s oeuvre: his first portraits, nudes, architectural views, landscapes, and the extraordinary interior scenes that have made him so famous.

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The team


Jean-Loup Champion is an art historian and exhibition curator. He is a specialist in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Western sculpture, and has had works published on the subject of French Romantic sculpture; he has also overseen the publication of the books Mille Peintures des Musées de France (1993) and Mille Sculptures des Musées de France (1998).
He has made an in-depth study of and collected nineteenth- and twentieth-century Danish art. He has curated various exhibitions, for which he has compiled the catalogues: ‘Gaston Lachaise 1882-1935’, at La Piscine-Musée d’Art et d’Industrie André Diligent (2003), in Roubaix; ‘Henry de Waroquier Sculpteur (1881-1970)’ in the museums of Roubaix, Lonsle- Saunier, La Rochelle, and Mont-de-Marsan (2013–2014); ‘Un siècle d’or de la peinture danoise. Une collection française’, at La Piscine-Musée d’Art and d’Industrie André Diligent, Roubaix, and in the Musée d’Art Moderne André Malraux (2013–2014), in Le Havre; ‘Jean- René Gauguin (1881-1961) sculpteur et céramiste’, at La Piscine-Musée d’Art and d’Industrie André Diligent, in Roubaix, and at the Maison du Danemark (2014), in Paris; and ‘Le trésor de Naples. Les joyaux de San Gennaro’, in the Musée Maillol (2014), in Paris.

Pierre Curie is chief curator of heritage. Specialist of Italian and Spanish painting of the XVIIth century, he has also worked on the French painting of the XIXth century at the Musée du Petit Palais, where he started his career. Then in charge of the painting at the General Inventory, he has co-authored and led the Vocabulaire typologique et technique de la peinture et du dessin (published in 2009). Appointed head of the painting sector of the restoration department for the Centre de recherche et de restauration des Musées de France in 2007, he coordinated and followed some major restorations of paintings of national museums (Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Rembrandt, Poussin...). Currently director of the Revue de l’Art, Pierre Curie is curator of the Musée Jacquemart-André since January 2016.


Milly Passigli, Director delegate of programming, Agnès Wolff, Director of Cultural Production, Eléonore Lacaille, Exhibition Manager at the musée Jacquemart-André, Amélie Carriere, Exhibition Registrar at the musée Jacquemart-André, Aude Chaufourier, Project Manager and Livia Lérès who is responsible for iconography at Culturespaces.


Hubert le Gall is a French designer, scenographer, artist, and contemporary art sculptor.
Since 2000, he has been creating original scenographies for numerous exhibitions, including the Musée Jacquemart-André with Rembrandt intime (2016), De Zurbarán à Rothko, la collection Alicia Koplowitz (2017), Le jardin secret des Hansen, la collection Ordrupgaard (2017), Mary Cassatt, une impressionniste américaine à Paris (2018) and Caravage. Amis et Ennemis (2018). For this exhibition, Hubert le Gall has created a highly refined scenography, whose sobriety echoes Hammershøi’s enigmatic interiors.


From 14 March to 22 July 2019


Open every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Late night openings every Monday until 8.30 p.m.
Last admission 30 minutes before closing.


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