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Mosque lamp

Circa 1325, enamelled glass, 35 x 23 cm

Why is this work so important? 

Dating from the fourteenth century, this is one of the most valuable objects in the collection compiled by Nélie Jacquemart.

Showcase of the carved wooden chest
The Smoking Room

At the end of her life and perhaps to counter the routine of a life that was nearing its end, Nélie Jacquemart decided to undertake long journeys to faraway lands, far from her much beloved Italy. She visited Egypt, Persia, and Syria on two occasions, where she discovered antiquities. She brought back ceramics bearing Islamic inscriptions, manuscripts, and several mosque lamps. In blown and enamelled glass, this lamp, which originates from Syria, has a harmonious form, with its ornamentation comprised of inscriptions inlaid with crests and intertwining palmettes.

In detail

The polychrome inscriptions decorating this lamp are verses from the Qurʾān.


Did you know?

The mention of the patrons—Emir Arghoun and the Mamlūk Sultan Mohammed—makes this a very valuable piece.